How to Survive and Thrive During a Pandemic

June 10, 2020

Leadership in Challenging Times, COVID-19, and Finding Opportunity

“One of the strengths of entrepreneurs is that we don’t see risks”

Doris Valade

Doris Valade is a high performing operations-management business professional. Doris sold her business, Malabar Super Spice Company, in 2018. Malabar Super Spice is a company that Doris built from the ground up. With almost four decades of experience, Doris now helps companies maximize business results.

Why a pandemic brings opportunities, not challenges, to businesses

How communication is the key to success during a pandemic

The power of communication with employees, customers, and vendorsHow to work with vendors during a pandemic

Leveraging the downtime from a pandemic to rethink your business

How to look at your business for cost savings

The importance of mentors for business leaders

The power and need to train employees during challenging times

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